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RVA Pediatric Therapy & Consulting

Advocacy - Consultation is available for children and families for several needs/considerations.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: Some children have an active assessment (less than 6 months old for a child under 3 years; less than 12 months old for a child 3+ years of age), and are seeking to start private therapy services with Miss Maria. In that situation, an Initial Consultation (versus a comprehensive assessment) is available. The Initial Consultation is $250.00.

Many families appreciate the support of on-going consultation as a means to guide and advise, in the realm of parenting, professional referrals, school placement considerations, IEP considerations, and collaboration with schools. For established families whose child has had a Comprehensive Assessment, and/or Initial Consultation, on-going consultation meetings are available at the hourly rate of $125.00.

In addition, some families find that on-going support and consultation is helpful to guide parents in behaviors and routines, sibling interactions, support with focused family-based issues as related to communication, interaction, and learner patterns, and academic planning. Consultation is available at the hourly rate of $125.00 for families who are established in the practice. Otherwise, families are referred to the Initial Consultation/Comprehensive Assessment process.

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