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Some students have specific concerns with fluency (stuttering/cluttering), or lingering speech sound concerns. When that is the case for your child, this focused, one-hour assessment process is an option.

At times, a student aged 5 years through 18 years will require a specific appointment to address a concern with an isolated issue pertaining to an articulation pattern (speech sound issue) or fluency / stuttering (without concerns in other areas of language, memory, social processing, or learning disability).

A one-hour assessment for a specific speech concern or concerns with fluency in already diagnosed Stuttering or Fluency Disorder, is available and costs $250.00 for the one-hour appointment. There is not a separate parent consultation, and often once baseline data is collected, intervention will begin within the session, as appropriate, within the one-hour time frame.*

*Additional time for assessment or parent meeting/ meeting with school teams or mental health providers will be billed at the hourly rate.

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